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99th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide

Czeslaw Zalech shared a link.
20 hours ago
Hello dale, this April 2014, we’re commemorating the 99th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide. Would you be kind and join us in this remembrance? Sharing this link with your friends would
be greatly appreciated! Below is our Tribute composition commemorating this horrific tragedy
” Published on Jan 11, 2014

Armenian Genocide is unwanted for convenience sake’s truth about the Islam, and the Genocide.
Horrific endurance of abounded by the world of Armenian people is shoved in the corner, under the dirty carpets of the politics of the day then, and now 100 some years later.
Outside of the election times in the States, or other “western” countries, the truth is unwanted, and most of the time is discouraged, even forbidden.
For a liter of crude oil, an American will not want to hear about Armenian Genocide, and similar issues. The case boils down to a liter of crude oil vs. human life, and a liter of crude oil wins with hands down on the human issues every time.

The price “shocker” at the gas pump is leading the way of obedience to the oil gods, not ethics or human life. This is where the humanity is in the United States, and the western world. The race for success never ends here.”